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Memories that choose to stay with us , forever and ever❣

This is a glimpse of two young furry pets TURBO AND JACKSON❣who have been knotted into relentless ties. How beautiful it is when closest thing like Love💞 adds grace to the mere existence , conceivably lightening up the dark patches amd saving us when we are drowning deep into the sea of insecurities , fear , anxiety etc. OSHO in his writing wrote – ” THE GREATEST POVERTY OF ALL IS THE ABSENCE OF LOVE.” Probably the universe holds multiple defination for love but the true form could be self defined . Taking into account this picture we bump into so many species who are deprived from affection . Many animals being slaughtered for commercial purposes and human consumption . Is it wise to support henious crime against animals? When it comes to pain and suffering , all beings are same , be it animals or humans . Humanity is one . On humanitarian grounds , consider once by realising and understanding the meaning of UNIVERSAL ALTRUISM🙏.

Published by milanpathania

The non believer has started the journey. There is no destination , no strings in my own colour. Bound not by destination, I float high - I am a vagrant❣

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