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Be a warrior , not a survivor💪

Year 2020 and the ongoing year has been hard and so challenging for all of us . Many frontline workers putting their life at stake, above all letting their insecurities to sleep , well cordinating to thrive this long standing pandemic , so that one day all their hard work counts worth.

Life is inexplicably beautiful bearing innumerable aspect around which a human life is being surrounded. Everyday we get up in the morning – see those enchanting rays,wind blowing,birds chirping,food,life,strength and obviously the joy of living. Have not it been the provider for so many beautiful things we observe every now and then – how could human existence be?

In past a few years man as well as mother nature have undergone infinite changes. Man alone produces and there have been a creative exchange between man and environment. As man satisfy himself through production, he transform the nature as well as transform himself too. Desire to control the nature has been to such an extent that consequences were never felt.

They say – ” Not only does the mother give birth to her child , through the child the mother herself is born.”

Observing the present scenario – I personally feel that the nature is retreating and human beings are now entirely dependent on oxygen cylinders. We all were not prepared to be treated this way but now in these rigid moments only our actions can express what our words cannnot. That day is not too far when common masses like us would be standing in a queue to buy an ”AIR BOTTLE.”

Where many countries have abled to surpass and beat these cruel moments , India is still struggling with this long standing pandemic. To fight the battle is not only in the hands of Government or Health care workers , rather it is all upto everyone of ”Us” who builds up the society . The time is not to criticize the Governnent and play politics over it, preferably we need to look at our action and see how much are we contributing to knock down the pandemic.

Let us respect 🙏who are providing every essential service by not stepping out until and unless it is so necessary. Also interwine together and equip Mother Nature by planting tress . Perhaps it would be the best way in empowering the MOTHER EARTH through its personal transformation🌍

Published by milanpathania

The non believer has started the journey. There is no destination , no strings in my own colour. Bound not by destination, I float high - I am a vagrant❣

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