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Born survivor❣️

Uncertainties and vulnerabilities are preoccupied component in every relationship. A healthy relationship thrives through nurturing , reassurance, patience, emotional intimacy, affection , withholding each other .

How pretty a love can be when two people chooses to embrace each other without conditions being applied. We are living in a world where people can hardly understand the true essence of what it takes to love someone so hard and so deep .

Every person dwells a feeling to be loved by their partner 💕. But rare of us know that to be feel loved brings with it lot of vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities of being taken as granted, loosing priorities over the time , not acknowledging your partner’s feeling , breaking communication in the midway . A relation becomes highly erratic when things that has to be associated are rejected . Also the growing challenge to every relationship comes from a dire need to GET SOMETHING else than giving . Has it been the other way around , many accomplishments would have been and there would hardly be any hard part left to survive .

The initial days of relationship will sweep off your feet with sweet gestures . Honestly ,no matter how much someone constantly claims to love you pairing it with half hearted gestures and lack of their desires to spend their life with you, BELIVE ME YOU HAVEN’T FIND THE RIGHT PERSON YET .

We may feel sometimes that the person standing beside could be a right person to seize . Many hands will come your way to hold you , pave the way , walk beside you and then would eventually abandon you in the midway . From there begins the hardcore journey for a person who has whole heartedly put their faith in them , every tit and bits of their to create a safe place to dwell expecting that there will be NO OFFBEATS IN THE GRAPH this time .

It’s not the love a person is afraid of but the damages it bring when every emotion invested is ruptured which later makes it difficult for a person to trust someone else that deeply again .

There are people out, to count you as their blessing , shower you with love that is safe and build a home with you ,that you would never loose. The power of love is reciprocation , the deep urge to make contacts with same level of frequency, hiding your face in each other so that nobody dares to see you anymore , where you can be easily fostered and grown , where trust can be easily cultivated. No matter how much distance and time gaps be sited , there will always be consistency maintained ;despite having such gaps they are still willing to choose you over and over without a pause.

To the flower in you, dodnt be afraid to bloom ❣️ To the power in you , dodnt be afraid to revive ❣️

Published by milanpathania

The non believer has started the journey. There is no destination , no strings in my own colour. Bound not by destination, I float high - I am a vagrant❣

6 thoughts on “Born survivor❣️

  1. When we accept and differences in personality rather than thriving one to be like other one and compliment ,, when we learn to understand and appreciate rather than judging, when we listen to know rather than replying, when love is eternal not with materialistic achievement, i think that relationship will be always growing up ,, there won’t be any looking back

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