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Stay here and see❣️

There’s something happy And there’s something sad ❣️

Life is temporary, love is not . Fall in love with the most precious matter of universe ~ The colour of sun as it rises , Smell of flowers, The glistening of stars .

We often romanticize our life with little things that make us feel most alive and purposeful . But life being so unpredictable, so uncertain will often make you stop from making your life worth living .

While exploring , we humans are bound to experience great adventures ,sometimes our own weakness, exploration can be of place,climate,people- we are going to be tested like we have never been tested before ~ ITS A UNIVERSAL TRUTH .

You will suffer alot and at the same time you will be happy . This is your vocation, to seek happiness in pain ~Dostoyesvki

This ride is not meant to discourage us . I mean to say that – HOW STRONG WE CAN BE , BY ACCEPTING OURSELF EVEN IF THEY SAY , WE ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING . Real strength comes from overcoming whatever is preventing you from being who you really are and who you were always meant to be . Real strength is not letting the world change you or break you .

It is important to embrace even the simplest things in life with utmost care because every single thing in this universe owns a VALUE❣️. And when we start cherishing , we reach the next phase of receiving happiness and peace . Remember happiness and peace in life comes from believing in ourselves .

Enhance yourself by keep digging and ensure yourself by accepting that deep down everything will be okay ❣️

Published by milanpathania

The non believer has started the journey. There is no destination , no strings in my own colour. Bound not by destination, I float high - I am a vagrant❣

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