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Hope we’ll find each other back ❣️

Alive in the moments

But hard to recognize one .

Slowly drifting out of the plot

How could we❣️ be back in the slot?

Pain written all over my eyes, is hard to get scribbled

These are some unwelcomed mystery riddles.

I know if stories are in a critical chapter

Theres still more to get capture .

I used to build dreams for US❣️

Our OWN HOME❣️ in each other

Woven into one another❣️

Choosing US❣️ in a hundred world

With no stone left unturned.

My mother❣️ ( born survivor) says ~

Knowing that you put your heart into what you loved❣️

Never be afraid , if left untouched.

Own yourself , heal yourself and love yourself

As it is the only way to help yourself❣️.


Published by milanpathania

The non believer has started the journey. There is no destination , no strings in my own colour. Bound not by destination, I float high - I am a vagrant❣

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