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A deep nostalgic feeling

An ache for healing

Writing it from a place of brokeness

To unveil the truth of~ who I used to be and who I am today .

A Heart that has adapted to pain

Just like the eyes to darkness

There’s a revolution I am into

To dispell all the fears

To unflinch what’s severe .

Emotions and pains are like visitors at the door

That obscure the authentic self

Give yourself permission to experience it

Let them in

Like a loose leaf in the wind .

The move should be on and on

Bear everything with grace

After all it’s a human race

It takes nothing to escape

But alot to embrace

Part of life that one can’t undo

In all the roads one take

And all the stops one make .


Daunting in the dark

Looking for a spark💥 .

It’s okay if life doesn’t make sense sometimes

Let’s confine , refine and redefine.

A man’s journey is thousand miles far

But one day ,will make you shine like a star💫

Sometimes you have to go and live for experience you don’t wish to

Trust on it , is what will lead you .

Beneath the darkening sky ☁️

Have we ever wonder 💭~

Why single particle of dust wanders in search of origin of its place ?

They say ~

Explorations can be beautiful ❣️

That’s where you will feel musical 🎶

keep stalking and keep walking

So that oneday Universe will drive you to a majestic setting ✨️.

Hope we’ll find each other back ❣️

Alive in the moments

But hard to recognize one .

Slowly drifting out of the plot

How could we❣️ be back in the slot?

Pain written all over my eyes, is hard to get scribbled

These are some unwelcomed mystery riddles.

I know if stories are in a critical chapter

Theres still more to get capture .

I used to build dreams for US❣️

Our OWN HOME❣️ in each other

Woven into one another❣️

Choosing US❣️ in a hundred world

With no stone left unturned.

My mother❣️ ( born survivor) says ~

Knowing that you put your heart into what you loved❣️

Never be afraid , if left untouched.

Own yourself , heal yourself and love yourself

As it is the only way to help yourself❣️.

Love with a frill❤️‍🔥

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Stay here and see❣️

There’s something happy And there’s something sad ❣️

Life is temporary, love is not . Fall in love with the most precious matter of universe ~ The colour of sun as it rises , Smell of flowers, The glistening of stars .

We often romanticize our life with little things that make us feel most alive and purposeful . But life being so unpredictable, so uncertain will often make you stop from making your life worth living .

While exploring , we humans are bound to experience great adventures ,sometimes our own weakness, exploration can be of place,climate,people- we are going to be tested like we have never been tested before ~ ITS A UNIVERSAL TRUTH .

You will suffer alot and at the same time you will be happy . This is your vocation, to seek happiness in pain ~Dostoyesvki

This ride is not meant to discourage us . I mean to say that – HOW STRONG WE CAN BE , BY ACCEPTING OURSELF EVEN IF THEY SAY , WE ARE GOOD FOR NOTHING . Real strength comes from overcoming whatever is preventing you from being who you really are and who you were always meant to be . Real strength is not letting the world change you or break you .

It is important to embrace even the simplest things in life with utmost care because every single thing in this universe owns a VALUE❣️. And when we start cherishing , we reach the next phase of receiving happiness and peace . Remember happiness and peace in life comes from believing in ourselves .

Enhance yourself by keep digging and ensure yourself by accepting that deep down everything will be okay ❣️

Born survivor❣️

Uncertainties and vulnerabilities are preoccupied component in every relationship. A healthy relationship thrives through nurturing , reassurance, patience, emotional intimacy, affection , withholding each other .

How pretty a love can be when two people chooses to embrace each other without conditions being applied. We are living in a world where people can hardly understand the true essence of what it takes to love someone so hard and so deep .

Every person dwells a feeling to be loved by their partner 💕. But rare of us know that to be feel loved brings with it lot of vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities of being taken as granted, loosing priorities over the time , not acknowledging your partner’s feeling , breaking communication in the midway . A relation becomes highly erratic when things that has to be associated are rejected . Also the growing challenge to every relationship comes from a dire need to GET SOMETHING else than giving . Has it been the other way around , many accomplishments would have been and there would hardly be any hard part left to survive .

The initial days of relationship will sweep off your feet with sweet gestures . Honestly ,no matter how much someone constantly claims to love you pairing it with half hearted gestures and lack of their desires to spend their life with you, BELIVE ME YOU HAVEN’T FIND THE RIGHT PERSON YET .

We may feel sometimes that the person standing beside could be a right person to seize . Many hands will come your way to hold you , pave the way , walk beside you and then would eventually abandon you in the midway . From there begins the hardcore journey for a person who has whole heartedly put their faith in them , every tit and bits of their to create a safe place to dwell expecting that there will be NO OFFBEATS IN THE GRAPH this time .

It’s not the love a person is afraid of but the damages it bring when every emotion invested is ruptured which later makes it difficult for a person to trust someone else that deeply again .

There are people out, to count you as their blessing , shower you with love that is safe and build a home with you ,that you would never loose. The power of love is reciprocation , the deep urge to make contacts with same level of frequency, hiding your face in each other so that nobody dares to see you anymore , where you can be easily fostered and grown , where trust can be easily cultivated. No matter how much distance and time gaps be sited , there will always be consistency maintained ;despite having such gaps they are still willing to choose you over and over without a pause.

To the flower in you, dodnt be afraid to bloom ❣️ To the power in you , dodnt be afraid to revive ❣️

Endorsed with the love of art❣

We all need it and we all can give it ❣

” For unless love becomes tenderness – the connective tissues of love – it never becomes transformational . The tender doesnt happen tomorrow – only now.” ~ Gregory Boyle

Every species existing in the universe has a hunger for compassion , love and kidness. Where once everyone was imbibe with the morals of treating evrybody with the sense of oneness is slowly eroding . So hauntingly , the world has changed and started considering their needs and encitement more important than the pain and suffering being endured by the ones who suffer .

A child born to a mother wants to share his / her world by being just next to them. But young animals are being deprived of this love at the begining of their birth , just to meet the commercial needs of our society. How can we keep ourselves healthy by snatching somebody’s life. Parent’s are often considered safety net of their children . Where safety net on one side has advantage, it bears disadvantage too. Isn’t it necessary for every child to undergo nourishment from their parent be it human or animals? ” love without fear is the most beautiful and transformational gift we can give and receive ”

Not always a voice need to be uttered for its safety and well being . We humans despite bearing senses and emotions , are not able to recognize the pain they undergo.

It is just not about keeping animals off your plate rather it is also about treating animals with love , care and compassion. Alot I come across in my day today life , about animals being tourtured for their personal benifits . There are endless instances to quote , some of them being below~ 1.In the arid and semi arid regions of rajasthan – 4 accused were seen chopping off 3 legs of a dog . The dog later died due to excessive bleeding . The 4 were believed to have killed the dog on suspicion that it had killed their goat . 2. A monkey was hung and beaten to death in Telangana. 3. A street dog was beaten , tied to scooter and then thriwn off the 2nd floor in Ludhiana. 4. The death of pregnant elephant after it was made to forcefully consume fruit laced with the firecrackers.

The word HUMANITY comes from human . So ultimately it is us who can give justice to them by not hurting them . Share your love with them and I can assure you that they will revert in abundance .

We all share identical needs for love . The universe is itself working on law of attraction . What you give is what you receive . Each one of us is interconnected and that means we belong to each other . Would not it be great and humble if we share small act of kindness to change the world to be better place for them . If not halted effectively and immediately , we will have disastrous consequences on the fabric of our country .

An act of kidness is all they need ❣.

In honor ❣

We can never really know a person because people are like clothes , they can change according to the weather . But what doesn’t change is SOUL . Soul remains forever.

Time flies and so do people. But something thats real , never walks away . There comes a time when people part away for months , years but consistency and reassuarance paves way and returns them to whom they were holding once.

Its fun to be around somebody with whom you can even enjoy the silence , knowing that your life is so much better , happier – just because they EXIST❣. No matter , how sad their world may be , they will still show up for you, love you and smile.

In these ordinary to extraordinary time , where its hard to find people who are driven to extreme height of madness, love the loudest , the one that can warm your heart with a smile or a laugh, such people are an example of admiration and inspiration , that give their love to ease someone else’s pain.

If there is something I got inspired by such heros , its watching them that how big they love and if they love , THEIR ISN’T A CHANCE TO WONDER.

Just a random thought that cut cross my head . Often rolling around such persons will make you feel good , as their close proximity will heal you and your heart with time will be RENEWED .

A person can learn to hide or put on mask , but souls carve connections and soul always recognizes and remember the ones that saw them when no one else did and loved them as dearly as their own .


There was a poor man who wanted some money . Somehow he had heard that if he could get hold of a ghost , he might command him to bring money or anything else he liked; so he was very anxiousto get hold of a ghost . He went about searching for a man who would give him a ghost and at last he found a sage who could give him a ghost. When he requested for a ghost , the sage asked him what he would do with a ghost. ‘ I want a ghost to work for me . Teach me how to get hold of one , sir. I desire it very much ‘, replied the man . But the sage said : dont disturb your self . The next day the man went again to the sage and began to weep and pray: ‘give me ghost . I must have a ghost , to help me.’ At last the sage was disgusted and said : “Take this charm , repeat this magic word and ghost will come. And whtever you say to him he will do. But beware! They are terrible beings and must be kept continually busy. If you fail to give him work, he will take your life.” The man replied : ” thst is easy.I can give him work for his whole life.”

Then he went to a forest and after a long repetition of the magic word , a huge ghost appeared before him and said : ‘ I am a ghost . I hsve been conquered by your magic , but you must keep me constantly employed. The moment you fail to give me work I will kill you.’ The man said – ” Build me a palace , ” ” bring me money” . Here is your money – said the ghost . Anything more? Now the man began to be frightened and though he could give him nothing more to do. The ghost said- ” give me something to do or i will eat you up .” The poor man could find no other occupation for him and was frightened. So he ran and ran and at last reached the sage and said – ” oh sir , save my life !.” The sage asked him what the matter was and the man replied – ” i have nothing to give the ghost to do . Everything i tell him to do , he does it in a moment .

The sage said – “i will find a way out. Look at the dog with the curly tail . Draw your sword quickly snd cut the tail off and give it to the ghost to straighten out.” The man cut off the dog’s tail and gave it to ghost , saying – ” STRAIGHTEN THAT OUT FOR ME.” The ghost took it and slowly and carefully strsightened it out , but as soon as he let it go, it instantly curled up again. So he went on for days and days , until he was exhausted and said : ” I was never in such trouble before in my life . I am an old veteran ghost , but never before was I in such a trouble. I will make a compromise with you . You let me off and i will let you keep all i have given you and will promise not to harm you .” The man was much pleased and accepted the offer gladly.

Swami Vivekanand explains: The world is like a dog’s curly tail and people have been striving to straighten it out for hundred of years. But when they let it go , it curls up again. How could it be otherwise? So we shoyld always remember the instance of a curly tail of a dog. We need not worry or make ourselves sleepless about the world . It will go on without each of us. Our worries will not help it. But when we stop worrying about the world , then alone we will be able to work well. It is the level- headed man , the calm man of good judgment and cool nerves, of great smypathy and love , who does good work and so does to himself . The one who is complaining all the time is foolish and has no sympathy. He can never straighten out the world , nor can he improve himself.